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Our Collection

Mix Huggies Collection

Add a touch of flair to your style with Huggie hoop earrings.  Unique by using white Sapphire, Opal, Turquoise by bringing a variety of shapes to design to get new and modern pieces. that can style in you


Stack & Stud Collection

The design of the collection stack&stud focuses on Basic work inspired by Nature form, geometric yet sleek and modern design that can be worn in everyday look and can be stacked that you will enjoy in your selection of products. We can mix and match the way you want as well.

Ring For Girl Collection

Collection ring for girl is a delicate ring style work that will be thin, elegant, suitable for Asian female fingers. The design pattern is partly developed from the collection stud earring by nature form or classic design by bringing the design on top on the ring head, thus making the ring It is small and does not look bulky. and can be worn with multiple rings on the finger known as a stack ring


Layer Necklace Collection

 LAYER NECKLACE Wearing multiple necklaces layered lines gradients from short to long There are both thick and thin lines, each style depends on the preferences of each person. gracefingjewelry therefore make a variety of necklaces The elegance of this piece of jewelry It will give your simple, open-neck look to something more. It's been popular among foreigners for a long time, but in Asia, it's definitely coming!

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