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Quality & Craftsmanship

Every piece of jewelry at Grace Fine Jewelry is crafted with the meticulous craftsmanship of Thai artisans. We are proud to be Part of supporting local artisans by using their high-resolution skills to create jewelry. that are valuable to customers, both Thai and foreign  

Every piece of Grace Fine Jewelry has gone through a process of thinking and designing with a modern design. We have a 3D Design team.  To increase efficiency and help every production process to be standardized. Then it will be cast by Thai craftsmen using specific skills. way and high experience and bring to decorate, polish with detail If any piece of jewelry contains diamonds and gemstones will be taken to embed diamonds and gemstones with precision, the final step The jewelry will be impregnated with a special technique using modern technology. to make that piece of jewelry Maintain beauty for a long time

We pay attention to every detail of jewelry. So that customers who receive the products have confidence in the quality and are happy when wearing our jewelry .

What is Gold(k)

"Gold K" This K (K) comes from the word Karat (karat), which is a unit of measurement of purity of gold. It is a standard unit used all over the world. For Thai people, they may be accustomed to think of the purity of gold as a percentage. For example, gold jewelry or gold bars sold in gold shops is 96.5% gold, equivalent to 23.16 K.

            9K   equal to gold  37.5%  

            14K   equal to gold  58.3%  

            18K   equal to gold  75%  

           24K   equal to gold  99.99%  


Gold Jewelry


14 k gold is 58.3% pure gold by the reason that it has to be mixed with other metals. because of the pure gold Not hard enough to make jewelry therefore must be mixed with such metals make the gold work more solid Wearing the necklace is not broken, the work is not damaged, even if it is a small and very thin work. Even with a low percentage of gold, the gold color is still beautiful and not dull. Therefore, nowadays people are more popular with 9k and 14k gold. 

Question and answer
9K & 14K

What is the difference between 9k and 14k gold?

The only difference between these two gold metals is the percentage of pure gold in the precious metal mixture. 9k gold contains nine parts per 24 parts pure gold while 14 k gold contains 14 parts per 24 parts pure gold.


What are the different prices?

Since 14k gold has a higher percentage of pure gold, 9k jewelry costs a bit more. For couples looking for a precious metal that fits a smaller budget than 96.5 gold, 14k gold is the perfect answer.


How are the durability different?

Because pure gold is soft, 9k gold is slightly more durable and harder than 14k gold. 9k gold jewelery is a great choice for everyday wear or for those who work with their hands.


Is the color of 9k gold different from 14k gold?

Gold's k-value determines its hue. Smaller k-values give lighter hues, so 9k gold tends to be slightly paler while 14k gold emits more gold.


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