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All About Grace

Utility Comes First

Grace likes to dress up and enjoys feminine beauty. But not as much of a fashion trend. Grace's dressing style focuses on simplicity and good looks, such as minimal clothing that can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways. Can be worn alternately every day, can be worn for a long time, not easily outdated


Grace believes that accessories are essential to complete our outfit. Which jewelry is one of the accessories that Gres really likes.


Being a person who didn't run after fashion as a capital, coupled with Porgress starting to work and growing up, Grace didn't want to buy jewelry that didn't last long and had to be discarded because of poor quality or jewelry. Another fast fashion style that can only be worn for one season. causing Grace to start looking for quality jewelry that can be worn for a long time, easy to wear, suitable for every look


Grace thinks that girls Many people would like good quality jewelry that can be worn in their daily lives as well. Grace therefore created a jewelry brand or jewelry destination.

Up to meet the needs of myself and the girls A new model with the same style that is looking for a favorite piece of jewelry to wear with you all the time.


in order to get jewelry that is durable as you want The material that Grace uses for the jewelery is 9k pure gold (37.5% gold mix), which is the strongest and most durable gold. light gold part The look that is comfortable to see is caused by our own mixing without any plating at all, so no matter how long you use it, there will be no peeling or blackening.


Grace hopes that people who have the same preferences and style as Grace will like Grace Fine Jewelry and become Grace Girl together.

Mix and match your styles

The bracelet design is simple but has dimensions. Can be mixed and matched in a variety of formats Turn wearing a simple bracelet into something fun. Meet the chic girls who like being unique.

Grace Girl

The definition of a woman with style and charm in her own way. She is a young woman who is confident, modern, active, and has a positive attitude. ready to open up to something new


Grace Girl is looking for jewelry with a simple, timeless design that can be picked up for everyday and every occasion as a part of life. But it is still special and unique. So that every look in a dynamic lifestyle is always outstanding.



Grace Pricing

Grace Fine Jewelry is a high quality jewelry made of real gold and precious stones. but the price is not too high because we cut off the cost of location with online sales alone make our jewelry reasonable price You can choose stylish, durable jewelry for everyday wear. From home anytime without straining your wallet too much.

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